Peat has many unique natural properties, that is why it is used in many sectors:

  • Energetics
  • Agriculture
  • Livestock
  • Building
  • Medicine

The main sector, where peat is used as an organic fertilizer for planting trees, bushes and plants, is agriculture.

Many use peat as an underlay material for birds and animals, as well as it is considered the best material for lawn.

Peat improves soil structure and can be used in any climate zone.

Peat properties are:
  • Cultivation soil structure
  • Improves air and moisture penetration in the soil
  • Can be used in different types of soil
  • Accumulates carbon from atmosphere and products of photosynthesis
  • Neutralizes most chemicals that are in fertilizers
  • Prevents heavy metal infiltration into the soil
Small fraction

Small fraction is ideal for sowing seeds, growing various vegetables and flowers in pots, and also for the production of various substrates. 00-05, 00-07, 00-10

Packaging type: 250L, BB.

Milled peat 0-5mm
Milled peat 0-7mm
Milled peat 0-10mm
Medium fraction

Medium fraction is the most popular and universal fraction among others. They use it for producing substrates. Mixture of small and medium fractions is widely used when growing various plants and vegetables indoors and outdoors in pots, greenhouses, and also simply to improve the soil.

Packaging type: 250L, BB.

Milled peat 0-40mm
Milled peat 0-40mm
Large fraction

The large fraction is highly porous, has excellent air permeability and water absorbing and drainage properties. These fractions are used as a basis for the production of high-quality substrates. They are also used for large pots, berry plants, coniferous trees, ornamental plants and large hanging pots. They are also popular for mulching roses, shrubs and other ornamental plants, planting trees and shrubs.

Packaging type: 250L, BB.

Block peat 5-10
Block peat 5-10
Block peat 10-20
Block peat 10-20
Block peat 20-40
Block peat 20-40
Black peat

Mostly black peat is used as a component for producing substrates.

Black milled peat 0-10
Black milled peat 0-10
Dark 0-6
Dark milled peat 0-6
Dark 0-20
Dark milled peat 0-20
Dark 6-20
Dark milled peat 6-20
Block peat

Block peat is a pressed mixture of various peat mosses and other elements. It is extracted with the help of a special technology for cutting the peat layer and is dried by the sun and wind.

In order to get a better structure, they leave it outside in the winter, stack it up and let it freeze. It is used as one of the components in the manufacturing various substrates and soil additives. Before use, the block peat is crushed with a special mill and dispersed into appropriate fractions. From this type of peat it is possible to obtain products with an excellent structure, which is not observed in other types of peat.