Plant Nutrition - 100% organic fertilizer for any indoor plant!

This product has been produced in Latvia with the help of earthworms Staratel

"Staratel" earthworms recycle human-made organic waste and after they produce vermi compost, which is collected, dried and treated.

Plant Nutrition package contains 30g of organic fertilizer, which is a great amount for a 1L pot.




How to use?



1. Pour the contents of the pack around the plant or stir into the soil!





2. After adding the fertilizer to the plant - water it!





3. Enjoy healthy and blooming plant!



       How to use             

 Feeding your plant with this product once in four months will make your plant feel better and it will be grateful to you!




What are the benefits?

-No odor.

-Easy to use.

-Universal nutrition for any indoor plant.

-No need for big bag of fertilizer, if you have only few pots at home.



For orders, please, contact or write us in social media.

Packs of 30 and 100 pieces are available.