Pine bark mulch is the most favorable and natural material for caring landscaped areas and gardens. It is made from pure, untreated pine bark, without adding chemicals that could damage the plants. This product prevents loss of humidity of the soil and prevents growth of weeds.


Mulch from painted wood chips is made in a special way from 100% organic materials and is used to cover the surface. This product performs both decorative and practical functions, providing favorable conditions for plants growth and preventing the growth of weeds.



Also we can offer our customers a special mulch for children's playgrounds. These products have been verified and certified by Ltd Sports Labs.


All products are available in packs of 250L. According to the wish of the customer, mulch can be packed in bags of other type and size.

Pine bark 0-7

 Pine bark 7-30  

Pine bark 30-70 


 Nuggets 30-70 

Colored  wood chips BLACK

Colored wood chips BROWN


Colored wood chips RED

Colored wood chips ORANGE

Colored wood chips YELLOW


Colored wood chips GREEN

Colored wood chips BLUE