We offer premium quality wood pellets that comply with ENplus standard. Wood pellets are made from renewable resources - spruce, pines or from dried birch sawdust or wood chips, without bark.


They are considered as ecological raw materials, as they do not pollute and have no smell. Wood pellets are mainly used for heating and used in boilers, fireplaces and stoves.


Current product is available in 15kg bags (transparent packaging) or in big bags (1000kg). At the request of the client, it is also possible to make a personal design on 15 kg bags, but the minimum number of bags in this casewill be 10,000 bags.


Results of pellet testing:


6 mm


4-37 mm


7,85 %


0,53 %

Heat of combustion:

>20 MJ/kg

Sulfur content:

<0.012 %

Amount of chlorine:

<0.02 %

Stain density:

>590 kg/m3