We offer not only different types of Baltic peat, but also substrates. Peat has many unique natural properties, that is why it is used in many sectors: Energetics, Agriculture, Livestock, Building, Medicine
We offer Premium A1 Class wood pellets for heating that are made from 100% pine tree. We can organise worldwide delivery as well.
Greenvalley SIA is the official distributor of all products in Latvia, Lithuania, Estonia, Russia, Belarus, Uzbekistan, Kazakhstan, Tajikistan, Georgia, Azerbaijan and the United Arab Emirates. From V.o.f. W.j. Van Ooi.
Pine bark mulch is the most favorable and natural material for caring landscaped areas and gardens. It is made from pure, untreated pine bark, without adding chemicals that could damage the plants. This product prevents loss of humidity of the soil and prevents growth of weeds.
Give your plant some needed nutrients with Plant Nutrition from Greenvalley. You only need to use one pack for one pot every 4 months. This small Plant Nutrition pack will be the best option for you if you only have few plants at home.